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I spent the past couple weeks writing a blog and then I decided it’s just too much.

Life has been too much lately. The news is too sad and desperate. Our lives are too busy. The heat is too hot.

So today, instead of contributing to the too much, I’m going to share about watermelon.

Have you ever taken a moment to really think about watermelon? When summer began this year, I spent a day pondering just that… watermelon.

It’s a very interesting fruit. The shell is so hard and thick. And the inside can be so delicate. And the taste- there’s just nothing like the taste of a fresh, crispy piece of watermelon. It’s crunchy, soft, liquidy, and so tasty. They’ve even figured out how to make watermelons so we don’t have to worry about the seeds, like we used to when I was a kid.

Watermelon can be tricky too. You have to get just the right watermelon to enjoy the ultimate taste of this delicious treat. If you’re not careful you can end up with a watermelon that’s either too soft or too watery. I have yet to determine how exactly to pick the ripe watermelons. I’ve tried pushing the ends, poking, smelling. It’s kinda just the luck of the draw with watermelon.

That’s part of what makes this fruit so special.

That’s it for today. Nothing deeper here. No hidden message or meaning in this blog. Just watermelon.

In loving,


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