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Mothers- a thank you.

I got the best gift the other day. I was watching my older son perform on stage, and as often happens, I found myself tearing up with joy. I was trying not to be too obvious because I was sitting in the front row and I didn’t want to distract him. So I kept putting my hand on my heart, a sign I hoped he’d understand for me sending him love.

After the show ended and he’d taken his curtain call, he ran over to me and gave me a huge hug before exiting the stage. It was the most wonderful surprise and just pushed me over the edge into full blown weeping. The fact that my teenage son, who has been so very challenging lately, was observant enough to not only notice my emotion, but take action and offer me love was the best gift ever!

I have been known, on the rare occasion, (ha!) to rant about feeling unappreciated, undervalued and taken for granted. As moms, and I would imagine more so with stay at home moms, much of our work is discounted. After all, we aren’t receiving accolades for our work in the same way a person with a job outside the house would be rewarded for completing a project successfully. The project of our kids is never really done, is it? I’m grateful to have a Mom who still mothers me as she patiently listens to my rants and offers support as I share my challenges. And while I do my best to acknowledge her, I’m certain she had many days when she felt unappreciated.

So those things our kids do for us- the hugs, the smiles, the snuggles and the thank you’s- they’re moments I freeze in time. I try to put them in a mental basket so I can pull them out as reminders for the times that I’m feeling the pain of this oftentimes thankless job. And that hug from my son after the show- well, that was a highlighted moment, for sure!

And before you think that this is just another rant, what I really want to share is that I wouldn’t change a single moment of my experience of being a mom. I have never felt more on purpose then when I was pregnant and holding my newborns. I have had many successes outside the home pre-mom days, but the successes I have as a Mom, although not as financially rewarding, are just as fulfilling. I get to witness my boys learn and grow and love and laugh! I get to tuck them into bed each night. I get to hold them when they’re scared and comfort them. I get to beam with pride when they do something I know they’re proud of too! Nope, I wouldn’t miss a single moment.

So I’d like to acknowledge all of us Moms for the thankless job we do EVERY SINGLE day. We are helping to create the next generation. We’re teaching our kids how to take the baton and run with it, so that when we’re gone, there will be decency and value and love and peace. And maybe we’re even teaching them how to appreciate those things we do for them as Moms.

And on this Mother’s Day, I’ll acknowledge myself and thank the Universe for blessing me with these experiences. I’ll also ask for continued support as I continue on this journey. Sure, there are challenges on so many levels, but nothing can beat a heartfelt hug. Nothing.

In loving,



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