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Busy, Busy, Busy

Are you sometimes surprised at how busy your life has gotten? We run from one thing to the next, sometimes going days before we come up for air. There are times that I love being busy. I feel on purpose and the busy-ness creates concrete activities that I can check off my list and leave me feeling accomplished.

But there’s a trap in allowing the busy-ness to take over our lives. It keeps us from dealing with stuff that may need attention and provides us with an excuse to avoid. In fact, many times much of the busy-ness we experience is self-created. I understand that some of what keeps us busy is unavoidable. We have to get our kids to and from school, shop for food, pay the bills. But I wonder how much of my busy-ness I create because I’m trying to avoid something?

Well, here’s what I know. Quiet time is crucial. And if I don’t create time every week (even a little every day) to be still and quiet, something will happen to force me to create that space. Perhaps it shows up as a cold or exhaustion. (I always ask for my messages to come in the most gentle way, and I’m very grateful to pay attention to the wisdom of the Universe.) But I’ve seen it show up for others in much more extreme ways- as disease, accidents, the loss of a job or other experiences- anything that will make us stop and pay attention.

I rarely get time at home to have the still, quiet time that I just love. When those moments do present themselves to me, I revel in the peace of my house and indulge in a nice period of relaxation on my couch where I can question, consider and ponder my experiences. My daily walks also provide a great opportunity to center and use my skills to apply loving to myself.

But I’ve also found other places to enjoy this quiet. After dropping one of my kids off at their activities, I can enjoy exploring my thoughts as I drive from one event to the next. The monotony of Los Angeles traffic can be frustrating, but it also provides a unique opportunity to let myself come into a kind of peace.

I can even manage to find quiet as I watch my son in his gymnastics workouts. There’s something so calming and peaceful as I watch him maneuver his body in the most amazing ways. I can lose myself in my thoughts and find I'm soothed by the noise of the other children and parents around me.

So yes, we are all very busy. But where can you find some space to get quiet and take a few breaths? What ways can you nurture yourself through the busy times so that you can hear the messages of the Universe so you can pay attention to the signs and clear any misunderstanding or misinterpretations you may be holding about your current experience?

I encourage you to take some time to get quiet and listen to your thoughts for a few moments. The results can reinvigorate you as you move through your days.

In loving,



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