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Leaving An Impression

My husband has been wanting to get a memory foam mattress ever since we experienced one in a hotel. I surprised him last night by having one waiting for him as he climbed into bed. As I laid down and felt my body sink into the foam, I began wondering how long the impression my body was making would last when I got up? Would it disappear right away or would it last a day, week, month, year, lifetime?

And then my thoughts expanded outward and I began to wonder the same thing about my life. When my body has tired of this experience and my soul is ready to move on, how long will the impression I’m (hopefully) making last? And I considered how am I really received in this world? I mean, I have ideas about how I am experienced by others in this world, but can our thoughts on that ever really be accurate? Recently I had an experience that called this into question.

I set an intention every day to live a life in alignment with Spirit’s will. To show up wherever She sees fit to place me, using the many talents, blessings and gifts She continues to offer me, in service. To release my attachment to what that is ‘supposed’ to look like and experience faith, surrender and acceptance as I live every day, allowing the love to flow through me and sharing it openly with others.

But what if that’s not how others experience me? What if there’s some disconnect between my intentions and my actions that I’m unaware of? And if that is the case, how would I ever really know? Can we rely on the feedback the Universe is offering us? Or are our interpretations of this feedback flawed?

These are the kinds of things I think about. A lot. Because ultimately, I’m hoping that the impression that I’m making in this world is a positive one. I’m hoping that something I’m doing is going to last longer then an hour, day, week, month or year. I’m hoping that the time, energy and effort I put into my relationships and experiences every day amount to a lasting impression beyond what I can imagine. Beyond my children and their children. That somehow, my thoughts, beliefs and actions will support those I love beyond the time that I’m here.

I’m looking forward to climbing back into bed tonight to see if memory foam really does have a memory for my body. The outcome isn’t really that important, I guess. Because truthfully, I have a deep trust and knowing that somehow the impression I will leave behind will last.

In loving,



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