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Hot News for Hot Flashes!

This year I turned 50. The only energy I’m aware of around that statement is a sense of disbelief. I certainly don’t feel like I’m 50. I’m in better physical, spiritual, and emotional shape then I’ve ever before. And, generally, I’m happy!

However, one of the changes I must acknowledge with this age transition are the hormonal shifts. Blatant. Fierce. And showing up in some very interesting ways (read: frustrating, annoying, exhausting!)

One of the most glaring is the hot flash. Here’s how they show up for me- I start to get a very warm feeling above my neck. And within a minute, I sense the heat has expanded all over my face. Luckily, that’s the only area of my body that’s affected. But it can last a loooonnnng time. Sometimes over a period of hours. And it’s intensely uncomfortable and pulls energy from me. Not to mention, I walk around with a red face!

For a while, I accepted these flashes and decided it was something I’d just have to put up with. Until I realized that there was an opportunity available to me that I hadn’t explored yet. What if there was a message these flashes were sending?

Over the years, I’ve cultivated a wonderful relationship with my body. It certainly wasn’t always that way, but I’m so grateful for the wisdom of the messages from my body. I found some quiet time and got very peaceful. Inwardly, I asked if there was a message the hot flash had for me. The whisper I heard was so amazing.

“You are not allowing yourself to be seen.”

Wow! Well of course. If I’m not allowing myself to be seen, my body was finding a way to make SURE I’m seen by having me experience hot flashes showing up as a red face!

What a wonderful awareness for me. Having that insight allowed me the opportunity to explore how I’m not showing up for myself in the world. I was able to come into a better understanding of how I’d been neglecting myself and playing small. And I was able to make choices that better support me in being seen.

So now when I get a hot flash, I take a moment to get quiet. I acknowledge that I have an opportunity to allow the energy to move through me and I check in to make sure I’m experiencing myself in alignment with my truth. I ask myself questions around what I may be experiencing at the moment where I’m feeling invisible.

So the next time you get a sore ankle or sore throat, I encourage you to check in to learn the opportunity that’s available for you. When you quiet yourself what wisdom is your body offering you? Take a moment to open to the gentle whispers and deepen your connection with your body. It will thank you!

In loving,



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