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Resistance is Futile?

Here’s a train of thought I recently experienced. The word ‘resistance’ came forward in my thoughts, which led me to think about the Star Trek phrase, “Resistance is futile,” and then to the expression “What you resist, persists.”

A friend mentioned her resistance to working with a life coach because she wasn’t sure she was ready for the shift that would inevitably come with the insights revealed in a coaching. This led me to consider where resistance is showing up in my life?

Lately, I sense resistance every day when I turn on the news. And as our government prepares to shift the power from one leader to another, my resistance is palpable.

So if what we resist persists, then what thought, energy, belief am I avoiding by resisting? The change is inevitable. We know that. What am I closing myself off to by resisting with such energy? Where could that energy be better used? What is it taking me away from that could serve me and others so much better?

So, I guess resistance really is futile. I mean, we’re all going to have to accept and move forward through any resistance one way or another. The other option is to constantly find myself coming up against a big wall. And I don’t want that. I want to feel free, open, loving and kind.

So today I will watch the news with an open mind. Or make a choice not to watch it, but not out of anger or fear or resentment. But out of trust and surrender that everything is unfolding perfectly for my Higher learning. And if I can just stay open, my experience will change.

Where are you holding resistance? How is it serving you? And if you let go, what do you feel (or fear) is waiting for you on the other side?

What I do know is expression is always better then withholding. (“Better out then in is what I always say.” ~ Shrek!) So as I encourage myself to walk through the discomfort of my resistance, I encourage you to do the same. Let’s see what appears to us beyond the wall!

In Loving,



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