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A Challenge I Offer Us All...

Just like so many of you, I was shocked to learn the results of the election. And like so many of you, as the results unfolded, I was in a position of leadership- this time in my family. Both my boys were fearful of what a Trump Presidency would bring. And while the fear in my body was palpable, I needed to remain strong because creating a safe space for my kids is always the priority.

And like so many of you, I went to sleep feeling sad, devastated, mind-blown. So I prayed. “Please God, Spirit of all creation, shine a light on mySelf, my family, this country. Allow me to find a way through these feelings.”

And this morning I awoke with a sense of purpose. I am reminded that I am a light bearer. And in this time, more then ever, we need light bearers. More then ever I can practice kindness, compassion, and loving. I can be the example of what I want this country to look like and experience.

Fear is a trap. It pulls us in and away from the truth of our loving. It separates us. And what I know for sure is that it just doesn’t serve. Me or anyone else.

So what to do? Absolutely have all your feelings. I sense for those who have lost someone recently, this is a particularly difficult time because any loss reminds us of previous losses and it may be tapping into some unresolved mourning and sadness. But sit with yourself through all these feelings. Let the tears flow or write about your anger and burn it. Do whatever you need to do to allow your feelings their expression. And then take a warm shower.

Once that’s all cleared, I offer you a challenge. A challenge of choice. We can choose how we are going to be through this experience. For me, the answer is clear- I’m choosing light!

I cannot be so arrogant to assume why things happen the way they do in this world. But I CAN choose to find the opportunity each event and situation offers me. I can look for the ways I can learn and grow through this event. I can encourage my children to be the light bearers they are, to empower them with action steps by being extra kind and compassionate. I can lift my friends who are feeling particularly low by sharing myself with them.

So I challenge you to also make a choice to carry the light. Let us all be light bearers. Let’s shine so bright that it spreads like a wave of love blanketing this magnificent country.

In loving,



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