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A New Chapter…

So I’m sitting in a waiting room where my older son, Kiernan, is on an audition. This is a familiar place for me- been here many times, but mostly on the other side of the door, as a Casting Director. But this time it’s different. This time something just doesn’t feel right.

I start becoming aware of a not-so-good feeling inside. The energy in the room is affecting me in a way it hadn’t in the past. And it suddenly dawns on me: I don’t belong here anymore.

We’ve been programmed to label ourselves in our lives- I’m a this, or I’m a that. For a long time I labeled myself as a Casting Director. It was the first career I had that really resonated with me. I couldn’t believe I found myself doing something I loved so much and actually being paid to do it!

Then for a long while, I labeled myself as a Mom. (Still do!) But I always resorted to Casting Director when speaking with people about my career- even when I hadn’t been casting for a while.

So to find myself in a Casting room and not feeling connected was (a welcome) surprise. I’ve been transitioning to, in retrospect, what seems like the most obvious career choice for quite some time now.

And it is with great excitement that I share this with you. To have the opportunity and privilege to assist women in connecting more deeply with themselves is such a gift!

So I rallied my tribe. Gathered my women friends and asked for support as I embark on this journey. It’s always good to feel support from friends!

I know I’m working in alignment with my purpose and trust that I will be guided to whomever I can best serve. So please allow me to introduce Sarah Altman, Life Coach!

Please take a moment to check out my new site. And if you feel called, share it with friends. The wonderful thing about coaching is that I’m available to work with women from all over the world!

And thank you for your continued friendship and support as I enter the next chapter of my life!

In loving,



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