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Recently during our annual family reunion, I had a lovely conversation with my niece, who just completed her first year of college. As she shared about the challenges she faces in making decisions about the next steps in her life, I couldn’t help but smile. Although decades separate us, it seems we’re both navigating the waters of change.

Transitions are always happening. We’re moving from one event to the next, shifting and adjusting, learning and growing.

But there’s a remarkable beauty to the transition we move through in midlife. Unlike my niece, I have age and wisdom on my side. I’ve learned how to assuage my fear and replace it with confidence, excitement and anticipation. (I even figured out how to use the word assuage!) I’m more patient, allowing myself the time and space required for changes to happen organically. There’s less urgency in making things happen. Instead, I’m calm, and seek to understand the opportunity available to me in each and every event. I also have the good fortune to feel safe and loved as I explore. I’ve co-created an amazing, loving, nurturing, compassionate environment that stands on the lessons of all of my youthful experiences. My sweet niece is just beginning to build that foundation.

If I had the chance to visit myself after my first year of college, I’d be tempted to guide my younger self, helping her avoid some of the painful pitfalls I know await her. But I understand that these experiences all led me to where I am today. So instead, I’d only have words of encouragement, reminding her of the beautiful Divine being that she is and how she’s doing an absolutely brilliant job. Which is exactly what I did for my niece.

So here’s to midlife! What a wonderful time it is!

I’m excited to offer myself to assist you with any struggles you may be experiencing through your transitions.

In loving,



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