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Alphabet Writing

I stopped writing. It wasn’t a conscious decision. More like I just got busy and allowed it to slip away.

Writing has always been a cathartic process for me. Inspiration strikes, I’d sit down, and words just came through me. And while some writers dread the whole editing process, I’d find such pleasure in sculpting the words into stories: moving this thought there, that paragraph here, cutting, pasting, doing rewrite after rewrite, all in service to presenting the clearest, most concise version of what I was trying to convey. Then finally sharing it with others, hoping to bring insight or joy to the reader.

But then it just stopped.

Well, not entirely. As my Coaching practice grew, I utilized my writing to create workshops, which has been very fulfilling. But I became hesitant to share my challenges and learnings through my writing. I guess somewhere inside myself I was holding a belief that coaches and therapists are supposed to have all the answers. And writing about my process, allowing myself to be that vulnerable, would be risky because it could put off potential clients.

So between that and all life’s events, my writing fell by the wayside.

Until now. With some gentle encouragement, I was nudged to sit down and just begin writing…about anything. I tried that. It was all mush.

Then a whisper moved through me…”Start with the alphabet.” Hmmmmm.... OK, that’s an interesting idea. Start with the letter ‘A’ and write about anything that comes to mind that begins with that letter. Well, that seemed easy enough.

Immediately, I had an idea for something that began with the letter ‘A’.

So I’ve decided to move through the alphabet and share what comes through me. I have always been a transparent, open, vulnerable writer. I believe this is part of what makes me unique. And the truth is, we coaches and therapists are drawn to this work because of our own deep commitment to self-exploration and discovery. So I’m trusting that any potential client will find my writing as a window into who I am and be drawn to my strong desire to explore, identify and learn through life’s events. Because really, my light shines through all of it.

My intention is to always be writing. I’m not placing any expectations on the outcome. I can write a few sentences or long stories. I can spend time sculpting and molding, or move on to the next letter. Anything as long as I’m writing.

And so it begins.

The letter ‘A’ is coming to you soon!

In loving,



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