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Yippee…it’s almost Halloween!

I have a lot of favorite holidays and Halloween is among them. I know that some people really get into the decorations and the costumes. But for me, it’s all about the candy!

Since I was a child, I had a pension for sweets. I don’t discriminate- I pretty much will try any kind of candy. But of course, like any candy lover- I’ve got my favorites.

So the mere thought of having a holiday that revolves around going to people’s houses and receiving free candy was just mind blowing to me a as a child. And it still is.

Nowadays I get to enjoy the holiday through my two boys. They still like dressing up and trick or treating (thank goodness!). And they’re pickier about what they like, so I get all the reject candy. Fine with me!

The little girl inside me still delights in getting home and dumping out my (their) bag to see what gems I’ve (they’ve) collected. So much excitement and anticipation. It’s one of the days I allow my inner child free reign to celebrate.

This morning I was walking and in a rare occurrence in LA, it began to rain. My inner child just couldn’t resist and I felt a surge of energy course through my body as I opened myself up to the sky and allowed the rain to hit as much of my skin as possible. And the thought ran through my head- what if I allowed this little girl more space to celebrate? How would it shift my perceptions? My energy? Sure, there’s plenty of room for all my adult responsibilities, but how can I allow the energy of this hopeful, bright-eyed girl to permeate my every day life?

So I’ve begun the experiment of allowing this energy more face time. My sense is that I will be smiling a lot more.

What would happen if you allowed your little inner child more expression? Would you be willing to try it out for a few minutes or hours? Days? How would your experiences change? I encourage you to give it a go! I’d love to hear about what you experience.

So keep a look out for me on Halloween! I’ll be the grown up woman walking my two boys along the street who’s delighting in being a child once again!

In loving,



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