Supporting women through midlife.

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Midlife can be a remarkable time of discovery, but for so many women, it’s filled with questions, doubts and challenges. I faced this myself as my boys began to grow and needed me less and less. Gifted with freedom and time, I was lost, feeling unfulfilled and frustrated.


I had a sense that something was waiting for me, but it felt just beyond my grasp. What I uncovered during this time led me to a better life than anything I'd ever imagined. And now I facilitate women in moving through this well-earned transition. 


During midlife, many women experience challenges with:

  • Separating from kids as they become more independent and (I know, hang on!) leave home. 

  • Feeling lost, ungrounded and empty

  • Body changes and health challenges

  • Patterns of self-judgment and loss of confidence

  • Habits that lead to feeling stuck and unhappy

  • Uncertainty around taking steps towards the next chapter

Our work together will help you bring more balance, peace, joy and purpose into your life.






We begin at the middle. After all, we’re in midlife! 


Whether you’ve been raising children or building an amazing career outside the home (or both!), midlife offers you the opportunity to take stock and consider how you’d like to move forward. The good news is, there are endless possibilities available to you and I can help you embrace the gifts of this transition!

Some of the ways we work together involve exploring:



We’ll discuss new ways of thinking that allow you to shift the way you experience your life. 



I’ll introduce a way of connecting with your own Inner Wisdom that will allow you to gain clarity and feel empowered.  


Cleansing and Clearing Old Patterns

You’ll learn skills to identify and shift thoughts, beliefs and habits that no longer serve you.


Body Attunement

I’ll offer tools that allow you to tap into the wisdom of your body and integrate it into your daily life.


Rediscovering Your Heart’s Desires

With my support you will discover the dreams of your heart and bring them into reality. 


Finding the Magic and Excitement 

You will reconnect with the exciting aspects of yourself and revitalize them so you can experience yourself as the extraordinary being that you are! 




During our journey together, I’ll create a safe, warm, loving environment so you can explore your thoughts and feelings. You’ll receive powerful tools and learn skills that allow you to move through challenges and reframe ideas and beliefs that no longer serve you, allowing you to open to a life that feels aligned with your soul.


It’s my pleasure to support you through this magical transition.


About...  Love.

I've always been curious about why things happen in life. I began my own inner exploration in my twenties on the East Coast and made my way west to California. 


I always knew that my purpose was to be a Mom, but the road to motherhood wasn’t easy. We experienced several heartbreaks, including the loss of our daughter, Hope. So when our boys arrived, the choice to step away from my career in the entertainment industry was a no-brainer. My experience through motherhood has been full of peaks and valleys. I've questioned, doubted, and finagled my way through, like the best of us. 

Seeking a deeper understanding, I received a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and gained all sorts of wonderful tools and skills that led me to experience a more joyful and balanced life. Additional studies in Consciousness, Radiant Health and Healing allowed me to apply my learning to the mind/ body connection, which continues to fascinate me.


I began writing as a way to explore all the changes happening through midlife and found that many of my experiences resonated with others. My writing became  cathartic as I chronicled my experience with breast cancer in My Breast Life

As our boys grew, I found a passion for sharing the skills and tools I've learned with others. Working with women through midlife is the culmination of all my learning and experience. And I’m so excited to participate in each woman’s journey through this transition!


I share this wonderful journey with my husband and our two amazing boys. 


I also love chocolate cake.

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