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Helping women navigate their lives
from the wisdom of their own hearts.


Hi there! 

I'm Sarah


I'm passionate about helping women reconnect with their beautiful, magnificent, glowing, radiant hearts! 


That’s you!  You are all of that and more! You’re intelligent, wise, creative, feminine, compassionate, kind- the list is infinite. 


Sometimes life brings experiences and events that show up as obstacles and challenges and pull us out of that heart space, away from the truth of who we are. We may begin to believe we're broken and need to be fixed, like there's something wrong with us. 


That’s where I come in! 


I provide a safe, warm, nurturing, compassionate space so you can explore your thoughts and feelings. You’ll receive powerful tools and learn skills that allow you to move through challenges and reframe ideas and beliefs that no longer serve you, allowing you to open to a life that feels aligned with your soul. 


This clears the path for you to live more fully in your loving and radiate the glorious, beautiful truth of who you are! 




I'm excited to guide you as you connect with the wisdom of your heart! 

I will assist you as we: 

  • Examine the obstacles or barriers that block you from living a more full, joyful life.

  • Discover a deeper meaning to events and challenges.

  • Remember the truth of who you are.

  • Pave the way to feeling whole and grounded.

Some of the ways we work together involve exploring:



We’ll discuss new ways of thinking that allow you to shift the way you experience your life. 



I’ll introduce a way of connecting with your own Inner Wisdom that will allow you to gain clarity and feel empowered.  


Cleansing and Clearing Old Patterns

You’ll learn skills to identify and shift thoughts, beliefs and habits that no longer serve you.


Body Attunement

I’ll offer tools that allow you to tap into the wisdom of your body and integrate it into your daily life.


Rediscovering Your Heart’s Desires

With my support you will discover the dreams of your heart and bring them into reality. 


Finding the Magic and Excitement 

You will reconnect with the exciting aspects of yourself and revitalize them so you can experience yourself as the extraordinary being that you are! 


During our journey together, I’ll create a safe, warm, loving environment that helps you connect with your inner wisdom. Through the skills and tools I share, you'll learn to shift your perception of these obstacles so you can see the gifts and opportunities they provide.


It’s my pleasure to support you and facilitate your journey back to your loving self.

Ways to Work with Me

Ways to Work with Me

One to One Coaching

Great for women who are ready to identify, explore and resolve issues in order to live a more balanced, joyful and meaningful life.


A lot of what we do feels like gentle conversations. I'll facilitate your journey to inner awakening. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to: 

  • discover powerful insights, 

  • release old patterns or beliefs, 

  • or just relax into the peace of sitting with yourself as you are flooded with love.


I provide a warm, cozy spot to be with yourself and feel heard. From that space, you’ll be offered skills and tools that allow you to reconnect with your own inner guidance, lighting a path to a life that is attuned and aligned with your heart’s desires. 

Available worldwide via phone. 

Small Group Workshops

Perfect for businesses or individuals who want to bring a group together for a shared experience.

I'll lead your group through gentle, guided meditations and group exercises. Some of the topics covered are:   

  • listening to your heart, 

  • gratitude, 

  • discovering your inherent gifts and talents, 

  • and prosperity. 


Workshops are experiential, as I facilitate passionate and enthusiastic discussions that bring awareness, allowing participants to open their hearts, feel more grounded and connected, and leave with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.


Available in the Los Angeles area.



I’m a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend. 

I’m also someone who loves helping women live more fully from their hearts.

I’ve had lots of wonderful life experiences! Becoming a mom is at the top of the list. Having a career in the entertainment industry was also really fun. But inner exploration, trying to understand why things happen and the deeper meaning in life, that’s what thrills me! 


That curiosity led me to the University of Santa Monica, where I received a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology. That experience was transformative. As I applied the skills and tools in my daily life, I noticed feeling much more joy and purpose. I went on to study the mind/ body connection, and received an additional Certificate in Consciousness, Radiant Health and Healing. I think it’s so cool to explore how our bodies relate messages to us! Fascinating! 


But there were some rough patches. We lost our first daughter, Hope. Yeah, that was tough. And when I was the healthiest I’d ever been, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s when I began to write. Writing was a great way for me to process the whole experience and I found it cathartic. Turns out it resonated with a lot of people, so My Breast Life was published, turning my experience into something that helps others. I still love writing and hope that sharing my learning inspires women to do their own inner exploration.


And now, with the tools and wisdom I’ve gained, and the pure delight I feel with deep connection, I assist women as they return to their hearts. 


I’m grateful and happy to share this beautiful journey with my husband and two amazing boys.


I also like chocolate cake.

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Schedule a Discovery Session!

Or just tell me a little about yourself. 

(818) 538-4028    |

Looking forward to hearing from you!

~ Sarah

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